Made for Ludum Dare 42

Theme: Running out of space

Defeat the challenges of the treasure room !

You are a knight who stumbled upon a room filled with treasure.
This room seems quite peaceful at first sight but don't be too confident : everything in it wants you dead.
Even the chests wants you dead. They will jump at you, dropping coins in the process.
Great isn't it ? Well. No. Not at all.
Coins will slow you down and make the fight way more tedious. The more ennemies you face, the less space you get.
Be careful not to run out of space...

Your goal is simple : survive so you can get away with all the loot.
Fortunately, the room is filled with items that will help you.
Potions will restore your health but your best friends are the bombs. They will allow you to destroy the piles of gold so you can move more freely.

But your presence has awaken a more powerful presence...
Beware of the skeleton knight and his powerful army !
Will you survive the treasure room ?
Controls : 

- WASD to move
- Left click to attack
- Right click to drop a bomb

Music: Boss Battle #3

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