Scrappy McSpaceface VS the terrible tentacoolos

Scrappy McSpaceface is a poor lonesome spaceship left alone in the frightening galaxy. But you certainly won't stay hopeless with all these scraps around here. Gather the scraps to enhance your weapon, shields and hull.
Beware of the aliens here that will try to break your spaceship down !

Mouseover scrap: harvest scrap
Click: cycle between hull, ammo and shields for what the scraps you harvest will upgrade
WASD: move the spaceship

Upgrading ammo refills your weapon
Upgrading hull enables triple tap, and speeds up the spaceship
Upgrading shields increases your tanking

Submission for the Ludum Dare #45
Theme: Start with nothing

Music by SketchyLogic:

Developpment team:
- PatteDeCanaard (programming)
- Hernz (visual assets)

Made withGodot
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